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All Things Exist Now: Select Your Dimension to Manifest

Jan 01, 2022

Our capacity to imagine a thing is proof that it already exists somewhere. By imagining a variety of things, yo can prove that whatever you imagine can be manifested.

If you only were able to perceive through your senses, you would never be able to elevate above your current state. Your senses would permeate your subconscious mind, and therefore manifest outward, over and over again.

However, your state of consciousness dictates your reality, because your imagination and other perceptive faculties can take precedent over your senses. Therefore, your imaginal acts will enter into the subconscious mind instead of your senses. And since Consciousness is reality, when you identify yourself with the thing desired, as if you already received it, your Consciousness will push out into this world your desires without any effort.

So do not be conformed by the limitations of this world, but instead use your imagination continuously to allow the world to conform to it. If you constantly accept the facts of the senses you will find that your world is only made up of limitations. If you accept that your imagination creates reality, then you can push out anything you want.

Do not ask how it will come, or what it will take. All of that is included in the state you identify yourself with. As soon as you impress your subconscious mind by assuming the mindset and imaginal senses of the person you desire to be, a seed is planted. The seed goes into the subconscious mind. The spirit within you, Awareness, is the water. And it will grow, refracting through time-space to prove to you the thing you�ve imagined.

It�s simple as that. Ask yourself: What do I want? What if I had it? What if nothing could get in the way between you and it? Then begin to imagine yourself from that perspective.

It�s only a matter of time before it comes to pass.

�Imagination is spiritual sensation. Now, take an object. I will just lead you in words. Take a tennis ball in your imaginary hands and feel it. You can feel it. To show you the difference, take a baseball. Can you discriminate between the two? Well now, take a ping-pong ball. Can you discriminate between the three? If these are non-existent, you couldn�t discriminate. How can you say that these do not exist and say that you can tell the difference between non-existent things? They do not, at the moment, exist in your outer mind�s senses � they don�t. But they exist! All things exist now in the human Imagination.�

This is not hypothetical. This is literal.

Look back on your reality. There is an undying connection between your reality and your thoughts. There will never be a manifestation, or an aspect of reality, that has not been first imagined. With that said, your imagination is the source. Each thing in this world is an imitation of the true source, which is imagination, or Awareness.

�The vision has its own appointed hour, it ripens, it will flower; if it be long, then wait, for it is sure, and it will not be late.� (Habakkuk 2:3, Moffatt�s translation) It will come on time!�

Things that appear to be impossible are only impossible for the moment. They are only impossible during the time from which we believe them. The moment we remove our attention from the impossibility and replace our attention with a desired outcome, the entire fictionalization of the impossibility, that is the moment the mansion was activated in our imagination.

We are told, �With God, all things are possible,� and �all things are possible to him who believes.� This is referring to ourself. We are the God that makes all things possible. There is nothing in existence now that has not first been placed in this reality by us. With that said, by revising our attention to bring forth a scene, and fully embody it, where we are hearing the good news of the removal of the impossibility, or where we are experiencing that which was formerly impossible � that is all that is required for us to achieve it.


Joseph Alai

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