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Stop wasting time trying to perfect the imaginal scene. Get a custom-crafted, meticulously engineered imaginal act narrated by Joseph Alai, designed to impress your subconscious mind instantly.

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Generic doesn't cut it. Experience a personalized imaginal scene, tailored to your individual dreams and aspirations. Single scene - single desire.


Effortless Manifestation

Listen and let your subconscious do the heavy lifting. All you need to do is experience the thrill of a life already changed.


Manifest Your Deepest Desires with Cusom-Crafted Imaginal Scenes Narrated by Joseph Alai

Why struggle to create the perfect Imaginal Scene when you can have the master do it for you?

Imagine a life where your most profound dreams aren't just attainable, but virtually guaranteed. Where every desire, from ultimate wealth to personal transformation, becomes a living, breathing experience you can almost touch. That's precisely what you'll get with this breakthrough service.


"Joseph Alai's approach to manifesting through custom imaginal acts is unparalleled. The scenes he created for me were not only effective but also beautifully crafted. I've witnessed my desires turning into reality, and it's all thanks to Joseph's expertise and his deep understanding of the power of the imagination."


-Emily P.

"Joseph Alai's service is a game-changer. The custom imaginal scenes I received were tailored to my specific goals, and I could feel the change happening as I listened to the recordings. It's like Joseph speaks directly to my subconscious. If you're serious about manifesting your desires, this is the way to do it."


-John R.

"I can't express how transformative Joseph Alai's Custom Imaginal Acts have been for me. I selected a package, specified my deepest desires, and received a personalized voice recording. The power of these scenes to impress my subconscious mind is truly magical. I've already seen incredible manifestations in my life, and I'm excited to see what else I can create."


-Sarah M.

Pricing & Packages

Single Custom Imaginal Scene


Get one custom narrated imaginal scene. 

$150 USD
  • Laser-focused manifestation for your most pressing desire
  • Expertly crafted by Joseph Alai for maximum impact
  • Experience the thrill of your transformed reality
  • Perfect starting point for experiencing the power of custom¬†scenes
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Three's a Charm Package

Get three custom narrated imaginal scenes.

$412.50 USD
  • Target multiple goals or amplify a single desire
  • Save money and accelerate your results
  • Consistent practice builds powerful momentum
  • Ideal for those ready to commit to their transformation
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The Five-Star Experience

Get five custom narrated imaginal scenes

$660 USD
  • Address a wider range of aspirations or go deep
  • Significant savings for dedicated manifestors
  • Personalized attention and support your journey
  • Best value for those serious about manifesting their dream life
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The God-Tier 


Get ten custom narrated imaginal scenes.

$1,275 USD
  • Ultimate manifestation toolkit for ambitious goals
  • Unmatched savings and transformative potential
  • Manifest multiple desires simultaneously or achieve mastery
  • For those who refuse to settle for anything less than extraordinary
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