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Do Negative Thoughts Interfere with Manifestations? (Neville Goddard)

Oct 01, 2021

Many will try to cover up their negative thoughts by imagining their end, but let me ask you this � does your imaginal scene imply that you no longer have those negative thoughts?

�As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he� � is a Proverb in scripture, which talks about the reality of man. Your heart, in the bible, refers to your inner-most mind. It is not talking about the organ which gives you life, although it could be interpreted that way � as your mind, the faculty of Awareness is the creative faculty, and therefore dictates your experience in this world. You may say that is your lifeblood, and without that � your Awareness, you would not exist. �It is closer than your very breath.�

�Start now to observe all of your unpleasant, negative thoughts and change them, for until you separate yourself from the state from which these thoughts flow, they will continue to cause you to have the same experiences in life.� � Neville Goddard

Learn how to analyze your subconscious mind to remove beliefs, and ultimately stop negative thoughts. Your thoughts are manifesting just as your imaginal acts are. So remove them, with this systematic manifesting technique.

Worksheet (

  1. Your subconscious is used as the creative blueprint for your reality. That is the law of Consciousness. Nothing you experience was not manifested by you.

  2. Your conscious mind feeds your subconscious what it feels is important

    1. Your perceptions (senses)

    2. Your thoughts

    3. Your attitudes

    4. Emotions

    5. External Reality

  3. The subconscious is one with Awareness, and although the subconscious is submerged, it is also that which manifests reality.

  4. So your subconscious is manifested.

  5. Then you perceive reality, and your perception colors. And we go back to (1)

  6. The only way to break this infinite cycle is through imagining something different than is normally perceived. Imagination is the savior, in this way, to killing the old reality and creating the new.

We have over 60,000 thoughts per day, on average � scientists say, and most of those 60,000 thoughts are exactly the same, especially as the day before. Repetitiveness, rumination, and saturation are the keys to impressing the subconscious mind.

The bridge of incidents that you experience between the point you imagine and the point it unfolds perfectly in your world consists of the belief systems in your subconscious. Again, nothing can be experienced that has not been first imagined / believed.

Imagining after you already received your manifestation is the way to change your reality, instead of constantly manifesting the same thing, over and over again.

Thoughts can interfere by impressing the subconscious mind with old things. If we are imagining something new, but we have thoughts of fear, obsession, insecurity, doubt, jealousy, and other things which are high intensity, then we can push back manifestations, or not allow ourselves to release the deep-seated contrary thoughts.

But everything is a manifestation, even thoughts. Therefore, if thoughts are a manifestation, then there must also be a source. The source is that of beliefs. Beliefs, such as, �nothing ever goes my way�, could be wreaking havoc on our lives, when we are having negative, doubtful thoughts that our life and all the things in it.

Tracing our beliefs is the key.

We have to think:

  1. What imaginal act is being delayed / am I having negative thoughts about?

  2. What thoughts are getting in the way of me and my manifestation?

  3. What obsessive thoughts am I having?

  4. What would it be like if I did not have those obsessive thoughts anymore?

  5. What would I be thinking instead?

  6. If there was a belief that was creating those thoughts, what would it be?

  7. And then what would the opposite be?

  8. What would I feel like if I no longer had any negative thinking issues?

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