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Make the REST of 2021 COUNT: Manifest Your Desires

Jul 28, 2021

Most people hear manifesting, and think of it as something to add to their life, to support them in achieving their goals. Most think of it as something to turn to when the cards have dealt a hand from which it looks impossible to win. So they turn to manifesting in their time of extreme need, and then float through life completely unaware of the lost potential.

We create our reality from A - Z. All aspects of our life have been manifested by us. And we are continuously creating it, over and over, based on the contents of our Consciousness, both consciously and subconsciously. 

With that said, manifesting absolutely can be used as a tool to help enhance your life, giving you what you desire, here and there. But it also is the cornerstone of life, period. It is the foundation of all that we have experienced, and all that we will experience. Now, you can change a couple beliefs, and carry on watching the few changes in reality. But if you're similar to someone like me, whose life needed a complete overhaul, then you have the capacity change every single aspect of your life to be exactly as you desire to be.

"I AM the vine, and ye are the branches", is one of my recent favorite quotes from the bible, as it explains how every single aspect of our life has been drawn in by us. Nothing can exist without us first being aware of it. This is not speculation, nor a dramatic representation of the truth. This IS the truth. Every single time we change the contents of our consciousness, the world without conforms to it. 

I was stuck in poverty. By the time I was 25 I had moved at least 15 times, mostly due to my inability to find any success in this world. I had been to over 15 detoxes by this time, as well -- unable to remain sober. I had a low self-esteem, and my mind was filled with what science, friends, and people "looking out for me" taught me as the limitations of this world. Not only that, but my perception continuously chose to dwell upon limitations and impossibilities. I couldn't hold a job, stay sober, keep a relationship, maintain friendships, complete anything, I was entirely disorganized -- and was miserably and hopelessly depressed. These all manifested as a terrible existence, in many regards, as I just mentioned.

But the glimmer hope came a few years before the age of 25 -- when I was 21, and I was introduced, by a miraculous mystical experience, that perhaps I could manifest the modification of my existence. God knew I tried everything and anything with my own hand to do it. But little did I know the extreme changes that I would undergo over the next decade, which brought me to find that manifesting is not just a tool, it is the source of the phenomenon of life -- and that I had created everything that I was experiencing.

I am not perfect, by any means. But my life is but a mere shadow of that which it used to be. Through systematic testing, I took manifesting to the limits; transforming every single aspect of my life. 

I now am able to hold a job, maintain a happy relationship, abstain from substances with zero cravings or problems, inspire thousands of people, generate wealth continuously, and live happy, joyous, and free. This was a far cry from the life I used to live. This was all done through manifesting.

It's not difficult to create a complete transformation of life. All it takes is to study the proper materials, and actually put it to the test.

So the rest of this 2021, what are you going to do about your life? All you need to do is outline your desired life specifically, and then embody the consciousness of yourself from the point of view of that person. Leave all behind, and become, imaginally, the person you desire to be. 

There is a live zoom workshop on manifesting in all aspects: perfectly fitting of the idea of manifesting.  People are always wishing to make their dreams come true. Wishes and plans all both around the minds of many. This workshop is perfect for this, because it takes your wishes and uses alchemy to turn them into reality. We'll be discussing how to manifest your goals, systematically, step by step, with proven methods. 

The utilizing of testable methods to create a new life is the approach I took when all other resources let me down. I had read everything, tried everything, and failed a lot. But ultimately, all of that research, logging experiments, and the overall experience embodied through the last decade of scientifically examining manifesting in order to change not only my life, but other's lives, in every single aspect -- has lead to this point right here. 

Register, and use the promo code "50_off_vip", for a 50% off of the inner-circle, 6 month VIP program and also have access to EVEY SINGLE RECORDING EVER!. 

Finish the rest of the year in the right direction. Do not think of the limitations of your perception, but realize that everything is in it's exact form right now because your consciousness dictates that it must be there. From that premise, you can surmise that you can easily change all of your reality. Every aspect of it can be modified and created as you wish. You only need to know HOW to manifest, and how to plan your manifestations. 


Joseph Alai

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