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Mid-Year Manifestation Analysis & Inventory: Law of Attraction Techniques

Jul 15, 2021

I remember before doing the YouTube channel, so many people had asked me to make a channel, and when I finally decided to give in just do it. It's not always easy starting new things, as there will be difficult and challenging times along the way, guaranteed. Not only that, but fear of failure, bumps in the road, and all that. 

That's how life is, in general. It always will be that way, and it's not reason to stop ourself from moving forward and trying new things. 

This year I traveled to Thailand, hit 60,000 subscribers, did some cool collaborations, drove back and forth across the country twice. I've meet a bunch of new people, got into a relationship with a lovely lady, and continued to teach manifesting to help others, self-improved, and worked on my business. 

I've also got burnt out, taken breaks, gotten COVID (I'm okay), and have had things go wrong.

In the end, so far, 2021 has been a great year of learning, mystical experiences, expanding my knowledge and power with testing manifesting, discovering new facets of creation -- and more.

Because the time of the year, with the question comes into mind: "What do I want to accomplish the next half of the year?" 

Years prior, I would have chosen some menial goal to try to pursue, and probably fail - not realizing that I cannot force change into this world. I'd failed almost every single goal, alongside everyone else. Those goals achieved would be temporary, or worthless. 

But with manifesting, and this is the great part -- all things are possible. We do not need to try to force ourselves to have the body of our liking. We do not need to work 900 hours a week to start a new business. We do not need to light candles, and pray to the gods for increased luck, freedom, and increased wealth. All things are possible to the person who imagines. 

Facts overflow the world. It's all we see, it's all we hear. Every news channel is screaming to us that we are this victim, or have that sickness. "The world is coming to an end." "5G is going to turn us into aliens". "The vaccine is going to shut out your connection with God." Or maybe a little more down to Earth... "I can't achieve that goal because of this..." "She'll never like me because of that..." "I'm not good enough for that job." "Vacations are for rich people." 

There are literally infinite reasons, as per the limits of our perception and reality, why we cannot achieve the things we so desire to achieve. If you're looking for a reason as to why you can't have this or that -- you will always find one. 

But these goals that I speak of are not of this world. We are not limited by our perception. We have the creative Power and Wisdom of God within us as our imagination. Very few people know this. And even fewer, those who have heard this, will believe it -- and put it into practice. The majority of manifesting teachers will say "this is not possible", or, "that is not possible." But I am here to tell you now that YOU CAN MANIFEST ANYTHING THAT YOU WANT. 

Can you think of a long-lost dream you held that you can't even remember wanting it? Have you been so flooded and callous by the facts of this world that you can't imagine what it would be like to overcome that limitation everyone told you that you have to live with? 

I talk to a lot of people, about a lot of desires. Some have held desires so long they have lost sight of what it would be like to actually obtain it. Most, when I ask, "What would it be like if you made that extra money?", respond with -- "I won't want it anymore," or, "I won't be in debt anymore." But that's not what I'm asking. I want to know how your life will change, what actual changes will unfold. What will you do with that money? Why do you even want it? Just to pay off debt? Then what!? If you don't know the answer to that question, I can almost guarantee you that you will fall right back into debt if you do not have a clear picture in your mind of what your life would be like if you had that amount of money.

Stop reading articles on how difficult it is to obtain "X", or listening to someone talk about all the scientific reasons why it's impossible to do "Y". You have the power of GOD within you, AS YOU. There is no separation. All it takes for you to create the reality of your choosing is to clearly define it, and become utterly and solely conscious of it, until it impresses your subconscious mind. 

It matters not, what obstacles are in your way. The facts of this world are arranged and directly connected to your consciousness. That means, everything is exactly where it is in this world right now, including the "limitations" of perception, because it exists within your Consciousness. You can experience NOTHING unless it first originates in your mind. 

"No man comes to me unless the Father inside me draw him." Is a quote from scripture, explaining how nothing in your world can come to you unless you drew it in. NOTHING. Or... "I am the vine, you are the branches", is saying the exact same thing. 

With that said, all the facts of the world in your way -- between you and your desire, are only temporary. THEY CHANGE WITH YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS. If you could slightly modify the contents of your mind, you would see a DRASTIC CHANGE of reality. The obstacles are in place because you have not yet imagined your end. Those obstacles will be obliterated -- utterly destroyed, and you will be automatically and effortlessly moved through a bridge of incidents, birthed by your new shift in Consciousness, leading you perfectly to the scene you've saturated your mind with. 

So what am I saying? DO NOT LIMIT YOUR IMAGINAL ACTS TO CONFORM TO YOUR LIMITED PERCEPTION. You can imagine anything you'd like, and receive it. The world and all it's denizens will be shifted; facts and obstacles will be removed or reshuffled -- and you will be, through a series of events that you could not have predicted, in an effortless way, MOVED ALONG AN INVISIBLE BRIDGE OF INCIDENTS, and wind up receiving the exact thing that you have imagined.

So what in your life do you want to change? Think about it. Don't limit it. Don't condition it. Think of EXACTLY what you wish to experience. Confine that experience into an imaginal scene from FIRST PERSON POINT OF VIEW, from the point of view of yourself in the future having ALREADY RECEIVED your end result. Your Consciousness, the Father, will reshape and reshuffle the world, and replicate your imaginal act, and present it to you.

So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it. -- Isaiah 55:11. 

Your imaginal acts MUST become facts, and be replicated and presented back to you in the form you imagined them to be.

The first weekend in August, Friday at 9PM PST, will be a workshop live on Zoom. It won't be just ANY workshop. If you want to achieve your dreams, and do not want to be limited by the perceptions and limitations of this world, then this is for you. The inventory I am talking about in this message is about taking stock of self, and creating a reality you could only have dreamed of -- and now we must put it to the test, the extreme test, by manifesting our reality.

Do not let your past years of hurt and pain dampen your spirit to create all that you wish to behold. Your imagination creates reality. Cause and effect have no realization in the physical world. All stem directly from your Consciousness. So what are you conscious of being? What are you feasting on, day and night? "I have bread from heaven you know not of." "Who do you say that I AM?" 

What do you want to be? "Unless you believe that I AM, you shall die in your sins". All of this is a call to action to become, consciously, what you desire to be. All the rest will fall into place.

Join me live on the first FRIDAY and SUNDAY on Zoom on at 9PM PST & 4:30PM Respectively and take stock of your life, and learn exactly how you manifested your current state of affairs. After that, learn how to outline and create imaginal scenes, which, if imagined correctly will manifest into an entirely new reality. Gone are the days of force and effort to slightly shift your world by gaining this thing or that. Shoot for the stars. Think back to when your dreams were big. Then learn the exact techniques, where they come from, and how to test them -- and ultimately get what you want in this world, once and for all! I know I am. 2021 is going to be a fabulous year. 

With the material I've just finished for this one-time, limited workshop & workbook material, I'm  I've set up a these goals for 2021... 

- A new, successful business

- Largely increased wealth

- Extreme self-discipline

- High levels of peace and satisfaction

- Taking my relationship to a new level

- A strict regimented schedule of manifesting / imagining

- An increased and fulfilling social circle

- A manifesting group in person.

I am not listing the specifics for a reason, as I believe keeping your goals to yourself somewhat is a safe way to not allow myself to be influenced by the outside world. Since creation exists within me, this is important! 

What do you want to change? In health, wealth, love, happiness, manifesting, and friendships? Hear success stories, step-by-step, testable guides, and talk with me directly, live on zoom.

Register now, before time and spots run out. Come hang with me. Manifest what you want. Don't be held back by the limitations of what you hear, see, taste, touch, smell, or remember. Instead, let your limitations be only that which you are capable of imagining.

See you soon!


Joseph Alai

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