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Neville Goddard's Model of Manifested Reality Outline

Sep 14, 2021

Here is the outline for the Workshop: Neville Goddard's Model of Manifested Reality Outline. Consciousness is reality, which ultimately is the cause of the phenomenon of life. It's not JUST Consciousness, it's AWARENESS -- the ultimate source of reality. Your awareness consists of, is inside of, and is through Awareness. Here's the explanation of how this works. This outline contains ultimate methods to impress your subconscious mind, verses from the Bible, and how reality does not matter, in its' current state, as it relates to predicting future outcomes. The future outcomes are based on your consciousness alone -- not on the current state of affairs. Learn how to create scene, saturate your Awareness with that scene, and ultimately manifest your reality into this world.

  1. Consciousness is Reality

    1. I AM the vine, ye are the branches

    2. No man comes to me unless you draw him

    3. My word will not come back void

    4. In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the word WAS God� All things exist by him, and without him was not anything made that was made. And the word became FLESH, and dwelt among us (within us)

    5. I AM the word

    6. Be still and know that I AM God

    7. Who do you say that I AM

    8. He came in a robe dipped in blood, and his name was called the Word of God

    9. God

      1. made the birds of the field

      2. made man in his image

      3. kills, and makes alive � wounds and heals

      4. existed before anyone: before Abraham was, I AM

    10. Adam = Aleph + Dallet = God in Blood = Man

    11. Everyone is you pushed out

    12. God is Awareness

    13. Everything is Awareness

  2. Facts Mean Nothing

    1. Say ye that the fields will be ripe in 4 months? Avert your eyes for the fields are ripe and ready to harvest now.

    2. Facts of today are yesterday�s manifestations

    3. We�ve set all into motion and cannot experience anything except for that which we�ve created.

    4. Everything we�re now experiencing, facts and limitation and all, are all just the current state of things.

    5. When we change our conception of Self, which is our Awareness, we will change the conception of the world.

    6. Limitations and things in the way should never be considered, because they exist before we ever tried to manifest our outcome, or they are only existing in the time before our manifestation has been fulfilled.

    7. Once we have impressed our subconscious mind, the manifestations will be fulfilled. And in order for the manifestation to be fulfilled, those limitations must be removed.

    8. It is not us who remove the limitations, just as it is not us who created them � it is Awareness.

    9. Awareness will move and remove anything in the way of your manifestation.

    10. Awareness will then move you automatically toward your end, and will also move anyone and everyone else that needs to be moved, including limitations, to get you exactly to where you imagined.

    11. This process is repeated over and over again.

  3. Creating Scenes

    1. Deciphering Goals

    2. Contemplation of Scenes

    3. Outlining Scenes

      1. Think:

        1. What would it be like if you already had your end?

        2. If there were nothing between you and your desires, what would you choose to do?

        3. What would you want to do if you could snap your fingers and have anything you want, for as many things as you wanted?

      2. Outline

        1. Construct scenes which imply you already have your end goal.

          1. Think from the point of view that it�s already been done.

          2. Go to AFTER the end

          3. This scene would be happening if and only if my desire was already fulfilled.

        2. How would you now think?

        3. How would your life have changed?

        4. How would you feel, having accomplished your end?

        5. What would this mean for you?

  4. Dying to the old man

    1. Verses:

      1. Consciousness controls your experience in this world.

      2. The fire in the name of Jesus is the consumption of the old.

      3. Unless you believe that I AM, ye will die in your sins.

      4. We have been crucified with Christ

      5. Release your chains to the perception of the person you don�t want to be anymore

      6. Stop thinking from the point of view of a person who doesn�t have what you want.

      7. Averting your attention consciously from the old, and becoming conscious of the desired is the way to destroy the old.

    2. Implementation:

      1. Removing your awareness from that which you don�t want, and placing it where you wish to be

      2. Do not think from your current limitations of not having it

      3. Think from the point of view of the person who already received it.

      4. Think from first person point of view

    3. Consuming

      1. Whatever our awareness is removed from is consumed

      2. Whatever we place our awareness to is created / manifested

      3. We can lift ourself out of any state

      4. We can life anyone else into any state

  5. Creating the New

    1. Using techniques

      1. List Method

        1. Listing bullet points describing our new self:

          1. I am rich

          2. I receive free stuff always

          3. People always compliment me

          4. I always receive free vacations

      2. Visualization

        1. Converting our outlines from above, we transform them into a setting and scene

          1. Short and concise

            1. 3 - 5 seconds long because the subconscious mind only receives bitesized information

        2. Relax and become present in the moment

          1. breathe deeply

          2. count backward

        3. Visualize ourself as the person in the future, as if we are already there.

          1. Think from the point of view as that person.

          2. Imagine in first person point of view.

          3. Loop it over and over until it becomes natural

            1. Make sure you keep bringing your mind back to the scene if it wanders

            2. It may take a while

          4. Once you feel satisfied, you can stop

            1. feeling of saturation

            2. feeling like you�re spent

            3. feeling like you can�t do it anymore

            4. when you open your eyes, it�s a shock that you�re not really there

            5. feel the thrill that it�s done

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