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New Years - Crucify The Old Man and Resurrect / Manifest The New

Jan 06, 2019

Happy Belated New Years

New years is a time for change, for resolutions, for killing off the old man. It's the perfect analogy for Christ, the consumer and resurrector of states.

The Christ inside of you can both consume and resurrect states. There is no work to be done except to control your imagination, and have faith in the operant power of Christ through God in you. Christ is the Wisdom and Power of God, and he dwells within you. You are Christ. You are God.

God is infinite power, infinite might, and infinite wisdom, and he is operated and accessed through your imagination. 

So what is it that you want to be? What is it that you want to accomplish this year? Take a deep look inside and think of what state you truly want to assume? Think of 2019. Think of the person you want to be. Most people want health, wealth, love, or happiness. Are you lacking in any area in your current state? If you were to make a resolution right now, what would it be? Would you want more faith? Would you want to see miracles? Would you want to have more money? Come up with a list of any number of things that you would want to see in your life. This is the spirit of New Years. 

As I have mentioned above, Christ is the operant power of God inside of you. If you read the bible in the literal translation, Christ was Crucified for our sins, so that the Holy Spirit may dwell inside of us, and give us the power and wisdom of God. In a literal sense, hidden beyond the depths of the bible, Christ is constantly crucifying and resurrecting states inside of us, and inside of our world, so that we may kill off and abandon the old man, and resurrect the new states. We are meant to expand, and to rise up. Taken literally, the Christ is our imagination, and anything we focus on with intensity and feeling, we resurrect. Anything we take our focus off of, ignore, or abandon, Christ will crucify, or consume, or destroy. 

Anything we remove our attention from will be consumed. Anything we stop focusing on will vanish. This is a fact of Christ. This is how the imagination works. God's infinite power and mercy was granted to us so that we may constantly rise to greater states, if we so desire. It is the piece of the puzzle that is hidden in plain sight. And to place our attention, our inner conversations, our imagination, our thoughts, on a specific thing, and feel as if it is really in existence, and have faith in doing so, it will and must come to past. 

Abandon your old self, and assume the feeling of the person you want to be. That is the spirit of New Years. That is the spirit of Christ. For in doing so, you will crucify your old man. You will commit suicide to the old man. In assuming the feeling of the person we want to be, we will -- and must, resurrect that state.

Anything is possible to you, in such a simple manner. Simply enter a drowsy state -- a hypnotic state, and imagine the feeling of the wish fulfilled. Assume the feeling or mood of the wish fulfilled. When you immobilize your physical body, ignore your senses. For now you may be like the Simaritan woman, whom has had 5 husbands (5 senses), which are impregnating your subconscious mind, and producing the fruit thereof. The 5 senses are false husbands, husbands which bring limitation, and lack. But when you have the right husband, whom is Christ, or your imagination, you will listen to Him, and you will be impregnated by him -- and birth the life beyond your dreams. 

The subconscious mind takes in impressions from your imagination and recreates that in reality. Whatever is impressed on your subconscious mind will come to pass. If you are only thing of, feeling, seeing, hearing things of your senses, you will be manifesting only things which already exist in front of you -- things that you are thinking -- things that you see. But if you imagine something else, if you fill your mind with things not of the senses, if you control your imagination, and dwell upon the things of God, THEY will impregnate your subconscious mind... They will be made manifest through God, Himself. 

So again, consider what you want. Do not look at what you want from the point of view of this world, of limitations, for nothing is impossible to God. Do not think of HOW WILL I DO THAT? or HOW WILL IT HAPPEN? but instead, just think of the end. For the end is what is needed in order to manifest it. You do not need any other information or thoughts regarding the who, what, where, when, and why. All you need to do is think of what you want, exactly. 

If you had the choice right now be, have, or do anything you want in this world -- and there was nothing in your way, no obstacles, nothing to stop you, and if you knew that anything was possible, what would you choose? If you could snap your fingers and be or have whatever you wanted to in this world, what would it be? That is the way you should be thinking about what you want. NEVER think of the HOW. Never think of the limitations. For these are not your real husbands. Your real husband is Christ, and all things are possible to Christ. He dwells in your mind. He is inside of you. Your very breath IS God. 

Once you have figured out the things that you want, think of a scene which would happen if and only if the desire had been fulfilled. Think of the day after. What would you see? What would you do? Make a condensed scene out of this. Only a couple of seconds. Then enter that drowsy state where your senses are suspended, but you can still navigate and operate your mind EFFORTLESSLY. When in this state, play that scene over and over again until it takes on the tones of reality. Remove all effort. Make it feel natural. 

Then let it go. You will start to see your environment move in any which way to show you that you have set it into motion. You will see people start to reflect your new state. You will hear yourself talk about your desires as if they are fulfilled. All things will move for you to get what you want. And you do not have to lift a finger.

Spend this time thinking about the person you want to be as if there is nothing between you and your desire. You can do this any time. You have the power of God within you, so use it. Use it on yourself. Use it on your friends. Use it on your family. Use the Golden Rule to choose which states to lift people out of and into new ones, ones that reflect truth -- which is life, and love, and liberty. 

Happy New Year


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